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One Resource to Multiply Leaders at All Levels

As a pastor, you know the importance of finding, recruiting and DEVELOPING VOLUNTEER LEADERS. Not only do you need leaders, but you need them to develop other leaders for your church to grow and multiply.

ALIGN allows you to train ALL of your leaders, consistently. Included leader scripts makes this super simple. Use and reuse this resource over and over! Any leader can lead this training as you grow your teams!


What is ALIGN?

ALIGN is an Online Resource Designed to Create a Leadership Development Pipeline!

With ALIGN, volunteer and ministry leaders learn how to recruit and multiply leaders!

Leaders Developing Leaders in all Ministry Areas!

After 30+ years of ministry and serving churches all over the country, we understand the difficulties you face as a leader when it comes to training volunteers critical spiritual and personal leadership skills.

That's exactly why we created ALIGN.

Leadership. In Action.

With ALIGN, we help transform volunteers into leaders. We detail specific steps to lead participants through the material and group discussion for each lesson. They will learn specific skills - practical How-To insights - in volunteer ministry leadership.

Transformations you can expect:

  • leaders who develop their own spiritual rhythms and can share this skill with those they lead
  • leaders who build strong, lasting relationships with those they lead
  • confidence in leading by example and teaching others how they can do the same
  • a process of how to recruit new volunteer leaders
  • knowledge on how to coach the people they lead to achieve accountability and success
  • leaders who know how to develop leaders, moving people forward in leadership instead of only 'volunteering'

Imagine a healthy culture in which you, and the people around you, are working to implement your vision and strategy instead of putting out fires and always dealing with the immediate!

Imagine what it would be like to spend the majority of your time investing in the people and the projects that move your church forward. No more sideways energy. No more stepping backwards.


Video Lesson One: Spiritual Rhythms for Leaders

Volunteer and staff leaders are sometimes asked, "How should I study the Bible?" Here’s a reliable, easy to learn method you can incorporate into your own daily life. That way, when this question comes up, you’re ready with an answer!

Video Lesson Two: Building Strong Relationships

Strong relationships build trust, and trust builds independence. Have you ever wondered what makes some people natural leaders? Is there such thing as ‘natural’ leadership skills? Or, like all skills, can leadership be learned, practiced and improved upon? In this lesson, we cover some of the skills volunteers can learn to improve their relationships.

Video Lesson Three: Modeling Leadership

Are your volunteer leaders intentionally considering the influence of their body language and communication tone on those they lead? It’s easy to overlook these factors. What is the tone conveyed by your volunteer-led teams? Are they stressed, cheery, distracted, engaged? This lesson teaches leaders three important ways to model leadership.

Video Lesson Four: Recruiting an Apprentice Leader

Recruiting is one of the most crucial skills every leader needs to do well. No matter in what area we lead, asking others to join in, be involved with, and share the load, contributes to the growth of the church. Some shy away from leadership simply because they are uncomfortable asking others to get involved. This lesson not only addresses how to recruit, it clearly lays out why it is so important to the body of Christ.

Video Lesson Five: Coaching Leaders

A church is one of the most difficult places to lead. It can seem impossible to hold unpaid volunteers accountable, and as a pastor you care for the development of those you lead in more areas than tasks or ministry functions. So how can you get people to do what is needed and address their spiritual development? Coaching! Coaching is a powerful tool, and we address how to coach people in this lesson.

Video Lesson Six: Developing an Apprentice Leader

In the previous lessons, we learned why and how to recruit, plus ways to make sure people follow through on what they agree to do. Here we learn how to develop leaders who can develop even more leaders. This is the way to ensure there will always be enough people in leadership! Lesson six teaches you how by engaging in three specific principles. With guest speaker Dave Ferguson.


Included with ALIGN:

Six Video Lessons

Your leaders will learn specific steps to take in order to lead differently than before. 
They will develop leadership skills with practical How-To knowledge, tools and the confidence to develop others into leaders.

Leader and Participant Guides

Participant Discussion Outlines for each lesson with Priority Implementation Plan Tools to create individual action and accountability. PLUS a Leader's Guide to structure the group trainings.

Private Facebook Group

Post your own questions and respond to those that others ask. Gain insights, answers to questions, share strategies and implementation ideas – knowing that you are not alone.

Want a Sneak Peek of What You Can Expect from ALIGN?

Here's a sample of some of what you'll see inside the ALIGN training sessions.


We're not the only ones excited about ALIGN!

"When it comes to leadership development, training and coaching, I can say without a doubt that Intentional Impact is the best I've ever been around. NewThing wouldn't be what it is today without them, and many of our churches wouldn't be nearly as effective in their impact without their influence."

Dave Ferguson
NewThing Co-Founder and Author of “Hero Maker”

"What I enjoy is the every day practicality of it. It is not just theories, ideas or another cookie-cutter model. It is organic in nature. It inspires and challenges us to discover what our distinctiveness is to and for the work of the Kingdom."

Rev. Angela A. Pleasants
District Superintendent, UMC, Catawba Valley District, Gastonia, NC

"Intentional Impact's A/L/I/G/N Team Training Resource has been a great resource to me, and to my leaders, as we continue to lead all of our teams to action!"

Stephen Knopp
Pastor, Church Plant, Charlotte, NC

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