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You’re a leader. You craft vision, set expectations, devise strategy. Every day. But without an intentional leadership culture, teams often fall short and don't follow through. Because they don’t know how. You feel frustrated, they feel confused, and ultimately you don’t reach your goals. Knowledge isn’t the problem, execution is. Knowing what to do and HOW to do it are two completely different concepts.

We get it. And we know how to fix it. We'll help you achieve success and have fun doing it in three easy steps: we listen, we craft plans and we hold you accountable. So you succeed.


Brian Zehr


Brian has nearly 30 years experience as a professional speaker, leader, trainer, coach and leadership developer. During much of this time, Brian has been involved in leading faith based organizations and continues to work in and with churches across the USA. He is a member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and has been on the teaching faculty of the Registered Corporate Coaches program.

Brian is the author of THOROCITY: The Seven Critical Components to Lead with Confidence. Brian earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Taylor University and his Master of Arts in Communication from Wheaton College. In addition to his leadership at Intentional Impact, Brian is also actively engaged as a Keynote Speaker across the country. Brian has a long background of Executive Coaching and Business Consulting, plus he has been both a Lead Pastor and a Campus Pastor. Brian can be frequently spotted teaching at one of the Chicagoland campuses of Community Christian Church.

Bruce Hanson

Bruce is an experienced business strategist, serial entrepreneur, operational executive and leadership team builder. His interactions with executives and their teams is intentionally orchestrated to deliver positive impact – fast. For over 25 years, Bruce has built and led successful teams throughout the US, focusing on implementation, execution, measurable outcomes and an eye on rapid results. He inspires leaders to create deliberate impact through the decisions they make and the actions they take. Bruce’s experience includes the Fortune 1000, financial services, technology, private equity sponsored firms, start-ups, retail businesses, non-profits, accounting and churches. His restructuring and turnaround expertise provides unique perspective working with executives who face leading troubled organizations, and with a background in angel investing, venture capital and the private equity industry, he has a deep understanding of what it takes for enterprise growth. Bruce's MA is in French Political Science, Economics and History from New York University. He speaks fluent French and is an active community volunteer, serving on several non-profit, civic and educational boards of directors, plus leads a sixth-grade Youth Group.

Nick Plassman


Nick is entrepreneurial and focuses on driving reproducing leadership cultures in mainline denomination and non-denominational churches. He’s an author of development training material, and co-author of the Apprentice Field Guide. He is passionate about leaders reaching their potential and multiplying themselves in others. Nick’s true identity is that of a proud husband and father. When he’s not working you can catch him spending time with his family outdoors either camping, fishing or enjoying some baseball.

Nick has previously served in Director-level positions within the church and business world. He specializes in leadership development practices for churches across the US. He currently serves as a pastor in the Chicagoland area.

Rachelle Ferguson

Rachelle is our resident Leadership Specialst and Marketing Expert. She is also a Leadership Trainer and Professional Speaker. She loves helping create systems for replication. Rachelle is driven by goal completion, and desires to be a part of drawing out the success in others. As a speaker, she thrives on urging audiences to take action towards change. She is a lifetime follower of Jesus, church-planter, marketer, and her greatest success in life is being a devoted wife and mother.

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